Friday, June 6, 2008

Adjust the vertical distance between the icons in Windows

Do you feel that your desktop icon arrangements is to crowded? You can arrange them, the vertical space between icons are possible to change.

When you add commands to your computer to launch programs or open folders, your computer could become quickly filled with icons. If you want to fit more icons on the desktop, you can adjust the distance between them so that they sit closer together.

Here is how To adjust the vertical space between icons:

1. From your desktop, Right-click and then click Properties. (see the attached pictures)

2. At the Display Properties dialog box, navigate to Appearance tab. Then, click Advanced.

3. Click the Item list, and then click Icon Spacing (Vertical). (see attached pictures)

4. In the Size box dialog, you can decrease the number to move icons closer together, or increase the number to add space between those icons. (The smaller the number, the less space there will be between the icons. Conversely, the larger the number, the greater the space will be between the icons.)

5. If you done with that configuration click OK

6. To see the result that you have set in the step 4, go to your desktop then right-click, click Arrange Icons By on the shortcut menu, and then click Align to Grid. Did you see something is change now?

Microsoft Windows XP organize your computer using the new icon off you. Repeat steps 6 and 7, to return the settings on your desktop to their original state.

A monitor with 800 × 600 resolution, change the default icon off 43 to 39 squeezes eight icons in each column, created seven original icons.


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